what is the best rated hvac system

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Trane. Known for: Trane is widely considered to be among the market leaders in home HVAC appliances and is well-regarded when it comes to performance and durability.Rheem. Known for: Rheem produces some of the most energy-efficient air conditioner heat pump combos on the market.Lennox. Known for: With some of the most advanced technology in the business, Lennox has gained a reputation for producing HVAC units that operate efficiently and quietly.York. Known for: The company’s reputation for residential HVAC systems is bolstered by the commercial side of its business, which is used in major landmarks.Ruud. Known for: Ruud’s furnaces and air conditioners are affordable and feature roomy designs that make them easier (and less expensive) to service.Amana. Known for: Industry-changing technology makes its furnaces safer and more durable. …HEIL. Known for: Heil distinguishes itself with controls that use cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology. …Bryant. Known for: The company produces some of the most efficient furnaces and some of the quietest air conditioners.Carrier. Known for: The inventor of air conditioning is one of the largest and best-known HVAC manufacturers in the country.Goodman. Known for: The company has a reputation for design features that improve the durability of its residential HVAC systems.

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