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What makes a Vaillant heat pump so quiet?

To showcase how quiet our heat pumps are, we have created the “Vaillant Soundbox” which simulates the sound of a heat pump within a suburban environment. Listen to the silence yourself. The low noise level allows the outdoor unit of a Vaillant heat pump to be installed without trouble even in housing estates with strict noise restrictions.


What makes a Vaillant arostor a good heat pump?

They also feature a unique integrated coil system to ensure maximum heat transfer, reduced running costs and improved heating performance. The Vaillant aroSTOR is an efficient high capacity heat pump best suited to larger homes or businesses with higher demands for hot water.


What makes a Vaillant heat pump so efficient?

E.g. a Vaillant air-to-water heat pump generates heat for your home using outside air as the main energy source. The system ensures highest comfort and energy efficiency at the same time. And as a perfect all-round, it offers heating, cooling and hot water.

  • Is the Vaillant eco a good heating system?

    The Vaillant Eco is quiet but reduces flow. The Vaillant Eco is a very quiet boiler, with a simple control system behind a flip down panel. I have paired it with a Nest Learning Thermostat, so gives a very controllable heating system. My only gripe is the low flow rate to the hot water, it is considerably lower than the cold in flow.

  • Is there a 7 year warranty on Vaillant boilers?

    Useless boilers, useless warranty. I have a large house and installed two vaillant boilers, one with a 15 litre reserve tank. I've had nothing but trouble and the so called "7 year warranty" has exclusions that mean I've almost bought them twice. I've never had reliable hot water and half the time the boilers won't boot. Beware!

  • vaillant heat pump noise

    Vaillant heat pumps are some of the quietest on the market. The low noise levels mean that the outdoor unit for a Vaillant heat pump can be easily installed even in built-up areas like townhouse complexes and terraced housing estates, where strict noise control regulations may be in force.

  • vaillant air source heat pump noise

    Under Permitted Development regulations, an air source heat pump noise level must not exceed 42dB (A) 1m away from a neighbour’s nearest room. With this in mind, the experts at Vaillant quickly established the Ultra Quiet aroTHERM Plus model, which has a noise level almost equivalent to a library.

  • What kind of warranty does Vaillant boiler have?

    Vaillant offers a 5-year standard warranty on their boilers. To get extended 10-year warranties, you’ll need a Vaillant Advance Installer, and for the boiler to be installed with a Vaillant Boiler Protection Kit and registered on Advance. Conclusion: Viessmann edges it when it comes to warranty.

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