top reasons to add a heat pump to my pool

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Benefits of AquaComfortExtended Pool Season — A pool heat pump helps keep your pool open longerSmaller Breaker Sizes — This helps lower installation costsLow-Temperature Operation — AquaComfort starts heating your pool when the air is at 40 degrees, compared to 52–60 degreesMore Heat — AquaComfort provides 30–40% more heat than similar-sized competitor pumps in the first and last 30 days of swimming season when you need it mostA Longer-Lasting Product — 2x the life expectancy of a typical fossil-fuel heaterConstant Improvement — Since 2000, AquaComfort has improved its efficiency by 27% with cutting-edge component performance updates and design improvementsReliable Performance — The efficiency of fossil-fuel heaters decreases over the course of their product life, while the efficiency of a pool heat pump remains constantChlorine Resistance — Heat pump pool heaters have condenser heat exchangers made of rifled titanium, equipping it to handle corrosion from chlorinated pool waterAdd-On Capability — AquaComfort provides the ability to add onto an existing gas heater and still reduce pool heating cost by 50%A Lighter Carbon Footprint — While gas heaters emit 15,000-20,000 pounds of CO2 annually, a heat pump pool heater can reduce your carbon footprint by nearly 100%

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