ground source heat pump question

How does a ground source heat pump help?

By harnessing natural, renewable resources, ground source heat pumps and cooling systems can help you cut your carbon footprint and bring your energy bills down. You could further reduce your home’s emissions by choosing a setup that allows the pump to be powered by other renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic solar panels.

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What kind of heat pump does Associated Architects use?

One of the UK’s leading architectural practices is enjoying renewable energy thanks to an innovative installation of two AQUATOP® T26 ground source heat pumps from ELCO. The two 26kW ground source heat pumps are used for trench heating at the Associated Architects practice at the iconic Mailbox building in the heart of Birmingham.

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Is the geotherm heat pump good for your home?

Attention: This product is now discontinued. geoTHERM heat pumps are designed to provide comfortable, efficient and sustainable heating around your home by using energy drawn from the ground. It’s range of higher capacity outputs mean geoTHERM is also suitable for larger homes and commercial properties.

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