Pool Heat Pump Cost

Unit&Installation Costs: 7000$
Running(a month) Costs: 400$
Service(a year) Costs: 115$
Replacement Costs: 5400$

A properly designed pool heat pump can keep your pool at the optimum temperature all year. Pool heat pumps are quite small and may be put out of sight, so they do not detract from the aesthetics of the property. Heat exchanger Pool heating is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly methods of pool heating.

Unit&Installation Costs

Because it removes heat from the air, pool heat pumps are more efficient. A heat pump heats water more slowly than a gas heater and costs more up front. Heat pumps for pools should last at least ten years. The unit will cost between $1,800 and $6,000, with installation costing between $450 and $1,000. The cost will be between $2,250 to $7,000.

Running Costs

This indicates that heating your pool with a pool heater rated between 300,000 and 400,000 BTUs will cost between $6.00 and $8.00 per hour. Heat pumps are an excellent alternative to gas heaters since they use the existing air in the area to heat your pool. By conserving pool heat with a solar pool cover, you can save even more money. Many factors influence the cost of pool heat pump heating, including the size of the heat pump in relation to the size of the swimming pool, whether the pool is covered, and the pool's location.

Service Costs

The cost of a technician visit will be determined by your unique heat pump supplier. However, technician fees are divided into two categories: A standard service call will cost between $50 and $180, with an hourly charge for additional labor ranging between $80 and $160. A heat pump must be serviced at least once a year to guarantee that it operates at maximum efficiency. Cleaning the outside of the unit to maintain effective air and water heat exchange is what a service comprises. The unit's compressor circuit is hermetically sealed and requires no maintenance.

Replacement Cost

You should expect to invest $2,800 on average to replace your old heater or install a new one. Heat pumps and solar heaters are the most expensive heater alternatives up front, costing up to $8,000 to buy and install.

Is it Worth?

Pool heat pumps are normally more expensive than traditional pool heaters, but they have reduced annual operating costs. If you want to save money on heating while also potentially extending the season of your outdoor swimming pool, a pool heat pump is a good investment. Heat pump pool heaters are more expensive than gas pool heaters, but because of their better efficiencies, they often have lower yearly running expenses. Heat pump pool heaters typically last longer than gas pool heaters when properly maintained. As a result, you'll save more money over time.

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