how to design hvac

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Set your design goal at the early stages of the building.Design according to the code requirements of the existing building location.Coordinate between the HVAC, lightning and electrical systems to get the utmost output of the energy savings.Calculate the actual load of the building several times and under different constrains to ensure getting an accurate number.Design energy management system that can shed unnecessary load at different times of the day ex. night times.Plan for future expansion. It’s important to design a flexible building that can incorporate any kind of future expansion but don’t size its loads at the initial phase of the …Establish a quantitative goal for yearly energy consumption of the building.Consider using new developed tools and equipment that save energy especially in large commercial facilities.Ensure direct communication and coordination between all the project parties using a defect tracking software as PlanRadar to minimize the negative impacts of regular construction defects.Apply a quality maintenance program that should follow up with the project after its delivery.

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