how to become a hvac service technician

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Earn your diploma. An aspiring HVAC technician must first complete high school or earn a GED. …Enroll in a training program. Following high school, an HVAC technician must complete a training program. …Complete an apprenticeship. Although not required, most employers prefer a beginning HVAC technician to complete an apprenticeship lasting between three and five years.Get state approval. To work as an HVAC technician, you must be licensed by the state where you will be working. …Consider additional certification. Earning additional certifications is not required to work as an HVAC technician, but they can be useful in distinguishing yourself from your peers.Write your resume. Crafting a strong resume is a crucial part of finding work, particularly when starting out in an industry where you are less likely to have a …Customize for each listing. In order to maximize your chances with each application you send out, you should customize your resume to match the job posting.

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