How do heat pumps work

In heating mode, a heat pump operates similarly to a cooling unit, except that the flow of refrigerant is reversed by the aptly named reversing valve. Because of the flow reversal, the heating source becomes the outside air (even when the outside temperature is low), and the heat energy is released inside the home.

how do heat pumps work diagram
how do heat pumps work diagram

How do Inverter heat pumps work

An inverter is an energy-saving technology that efficiently controls motor speed in air conditioners to prevent wasted operation. Instead of stopping and starting the engine like typical units, the heat pump motor acts like the accelerator of a car to maintain a fixed temperature.
When the indoor temperature reaches the desired value, the heat pump will be able to accurately maintain the temperature at a constant speed, achieving “non-stop operation,” ensuring the stability of the ambient temperature. Inverter heat pump, whose machine is automatic various stepless speed, it can automatically provide the required amount of cold (heat) according to the room conditions; when the indoor temperature reaches the desired value, the heat pump will be able to accurately maintain the temperature at a constant speed.

How do cold climate heat pumps work

How do geothermal(ground source) heat pumps work

Geothermal heat pumps save up to 72 percent on heating and cooling expenditures by tapping into the renewable solar energy stored in the earth. A geothermal heat pump works similarly to a regular heat pump, except instead of exchanging heat with the outside air, it exchanges heat with the earth.

geothermal heat pump diagram
geothermal heat pump diagram

How do heat pump water heaters work

Heat is transferred from the air in the room to the water in the tank using a fan that sucks air across fins on a radiator, similar to how an evaporator works.


How do air source heat pumps work

The air source heat pump collects heat from the outside air and transfers it to a low-temperature liquid refrigerant.
The pump compresses the liquid using electricity to raise its temperature.
Your radiators or underfloor heaters receive heat.
Showers, bathtubs, and taps can all benefit from the hot water you’ve saved.

air source heat pump diagram
air source heat pump diagram


In winter
Air source heat pumps work like an air conditioner in reverse during the winter. The refrigerant takes heat from the air outside and transfers it to your home to keep it warm. Even in freezing conditions, outdoor air includes a considerable amount of heat, believe it or not.

How do water source heat pumps work

Water source heat pumps (WSHPs) take heat from a body of water and convert it to energy that may be used to heat your home. They collect heat from a river, lake, large pond, or borehole using a system of submerged pipes containing a working fluid.

How do pool or swimming pool heat pumps work

pool heat pump diagram
pool heat pump diagram

Pool heat pump receives water from filter pump
Fan pulls in warm ambient air
Evaporator coil extracts heat from air
Extracted heat warms the coil’s cold refrigerant into a warm vapor
Compressor pressurizes warm vapor into a hot gas
Hot gas travels through inner tubes of the heat exchanger
Pool water flows through heat exchanger an…
Process restarts

How do heat pumps dryers work

heat pump dryer diagram
1, process circuit; 2, compressor; 3, ventilator; 4, drain pump; 5, second heat exchanger, air warmer; 6, speed cooler; 7, power cooler; 8, coolant circuit; 9, condensed water; 10, first heat exchanger, dehumidifier.

Here are the steps in the drying process:

Ambient air inside the unit is heated by a heating element.
Process air (heated) enters drum to absorb moisture and dry load.
Process air (heated wet) enters the condenser, is cooled releasing moisture.
Process air (cool dry) exits the condenser.
Process air (cool dry) enters heater and is reheated.

How do ductless heat pumps work

The heating process begins when heat from outside is extracted and put into the ductless heat pump.
The heat is blown over the outdoor coil.
The refrigerant travels to the compressor, where more heat is added
Finally, the now-hot refrigerant travels through the pipe into the indoor unit, where it enters the indoor coil.

How do ducted heat pumps work

ducted heat pump system diagram
ducted heat pump system diagram

Heat pumps take warm air from the outside, compress it, and then pump it inside. Heat pumps and ducted systems work in the same way, but on a much bigger scale.

How do heat pump clothes dryers work

How do Heat Pumps Clothes Dryer Work
How do Heat Pumps Clothes Dryer Work

Heat pump dryers work by recycling the hot air pumped into the drum, resulting in a more energy-efficient drying process. There are two cycles in effect: A closed-circuit system in which hot, dry air enters the drum and absorbs moisture from the clothing.

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