How can a heat pump reduce noise?

heat pump reduce noise

More and more individuals are choosing the heat pump as a heating system. Both environmentally friendly thanks to the use of renewable energy and economical, it is attractive to many households in search of savings.

The heat pump has the particularity of operating with the help of 2 units: a module placed inside the home and a second module placed outside in charge of recovering the calories present in the air. The latter can sometimes be a source of noise pollution. We will see that it is possible to limit the noise of a heat pump and we will also review the regulations in force concerning noise pollution.

1. Choosing the right location for your heat pump to limit noise
2. Heat pumps and the neighbourhood: what the regulations say
3. Some solutions to reduce noise

Choosing the right location for your heat pump to limit noise
Thanks to technological advances, the number of decibels emitted by a heat pump in operation has decreased considerably over the years. However, some heat pumps can still cause noise nuisance, especially if the location of the outdoor unit has been poorly chosen. It is recommended that the unit be located as far away as possible from living areas and windows, away from the corners of the house, and that it not be placed too close to walls or against bedroom walls (as this could further spread the vibrations emitted by the fan).

Heat pumps and neighbours: what the regulations say
It is also important to consider the neighbourhood when deciding to install a heat pump in your garden. The noise emitted by the device can sometimes disturb neighbours and be a source of conflict. The regulations do not currently impose any specific obligations on the installer with regard to the installation of the heat pump. However, there is a regulation on neighbourhood noise that he must respect. These regulations set precise noise level limits. In any case, it is recommended to avoid the property limits as much as possible to limit all risks of nuisance.

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Some solutions to reduce noise
If you encounter problems with noise when your installation is already in place, there are solutions to help reduce it. First of all, remember to maintain your heat pump regularly by removing any leaves or twigs that may be stuck in the fan. These elements can increase the noise of the outdoor unit. You can also install a noise barrier or a soundproof box around the heat pump to reduce noise.

Noise barrier

If your heat pump is mounted on a wall, it is possible to place it on a concrete base. This should be about 10 cm away from the wall of the house.

Finally, you can also place the outdoor unit on anti-vibration mounts to limit the propagation of vibrations.

Anti-vibration heat pump supportIf you are considering installing a heat pump to heat your home, potential noise pollution should not be a barrier to your installation. In recent years, manufacturers have developed new models that are much quieter and if you choose the right location from the start, you won’t be bothered by noise.

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