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how good are hitachi heat pumps

Benefits and attributes of Hitachi heat pumps: Designed to be extremely quiet, both indoors and outdoorsClean air technology filters contaminants providing relief to allergy sufferers.High efficiency models (all are ENERGY STAR® qualifiers).The system provides personal room comfort control using a remote to modify room temperature, fan speed and the operating...More ...


How much does a Hitachi heat pump cost?

Hitachi heat pump installed from $1850 inc gst (6 year warranty). call us on 033228399 for a free quote in Christchurch. Choosing the right heat pump doesn't have to be hard - just answer some easy questions and we'll show you some options.


What kind of warranty does Hitachi heat pump have?

Hitachi RPI Series have Ultra Low Standby Power to further increase energy efficiency. An industry leading 6 year parts and labour warranty covers Hitachi heat pumps for your home and office. This offers peace of mind that your heat pump will perform year after year. Manuals, brochures and other product literature.

  • Can a Hitachi Hot water pump be field supply?

    Hot Water Cylinders can be of Field Supply or a Hitachi cylinder can be selected from the options by clicking here . All installations must be carried out by qualified engineers. Commissioning reports must be returned to and approved to allow validation of warranty.

  • What are the features of the Hitachi heat pump?

    The new Hitachi Heat Pump 'S' Series range of Heat Pumps offers many innovative features, from enhanced energy efficiency, to airflow control and ultra-quiet operation. FrostWash addresses an issue that had long stumped the Heat Pump industry - how to effectively and efficiently clean the inside of Heat Pumps.

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