Goodman Heat Pump

Unit&Installation Costs: 5000$
Running(a month) Costs: 150$
Service(a year) Costs: 180$
Replacement Costs: 4000$

If you are in the market for a new heat pump, then Goodman heat pumps are a good choice. They are reliable and have a decent warranty program. 

Unit&Installation Costs

Goodman Heat Pump Costs The price for a Goodman heat pump can range from $4,995 to $6,100 in total installation costs. Your total installations costs will largely depend on the size of the heat pump system needed for your home and the SEER rating of the heat pump.

Running Costs

4.5 x $0.13 x 6 x 90 = $315.90 to run goodman heat pump during the winter months

Service Costs

Generally, getting your goodman heat pump serviced will cost you around $180. However, this price can fluctuate, depending on the company you go with and the size of your heat pump.

Replacement Cost

The average replacement cost of a goodman heat pump installation is $5,000, depending on the size, type, efficiency.

Is it Worth?

Goodman has always kept the consumer in mind, with a particular focus of delivering the most reliable, but lowest cost heat pump system. Any homeowner can purchase a new Goodman Heat Pump without needing to have a contractor license and have it delivered right to their home.The Goodman heat pump is a packaged, energy-efficient heat pump that offers savings on your energy bills. Manufactured with advanced technology, goodman heat pump is affordable without sacrificing performance. The unit runs quietly and comes with a 10-year parts limited warranty.

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