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COSTS: 3/5
$5500can achieve efficiencies of up to 600 percent10-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTYthe outdoor unit operates 72 db11 to 15 years
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Who makes goodman heat pumps
Harold Goodman
, who began manufacturing HVAC components in 1982, has amassed a sizable market share as the low-cost heating and cooling brand. However, its quality has been questioned. Since 2012, Daikin has bought Goodman and looks to be committed to retaining the brand in its typical low-cost niche.

Why choose a Goodman heat pump
All Goodman heat pump models are Energy Star certified, and the most efficient versions may be eligible for considerable rebates from your utility. Installers and repair parts are readily available because Goodman is a USA national brand.

Are goodman heat pumps reliable
Goodman heat pumps have a good reputation as a mid-range brand, and while reliable, other top-name brands may be more reliable. Goodman heat pumps require that homeowners schedule a professional tune-up for their central heating and cooling system at least once a year.

Where are goodman heat pumps made
The 4.2 million square foot Daikin Texas Technology Park, located just outside of Houston, Texas, brings together Goodman’s manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and customer support under one, very big roof.

Best Model 2021/2022


Model: GSZC18

– Up to 18 SEER / 9.5 HSPF Performance ComfortNet™ Communications System compatible

Model: DSZC16

– 3.0 Ton – Heat Pump – 16 Nominal SEER – Two-Stage – R-410a Refrigerant

GSZC16Up to 16 SEER / 9.5 HSPF Performance
ComfortNet™ Communications System compatible
GSZ14Up to 15 SEER / 9.0 HSPF Performance
GSZ16Up to 16 SEER / 9.0 HSPF Performance


How much does a goodman heat pump cost
A Goodman heat pump’s price varies based on the model. The SEER value, which indicates energy efficiency, differs from model to model. The cost of installation for Goodman heat pumps ranges from $4,095 to $7,300 in total.

A Goodman heat pump compressor parts can cost anything from $250 to $1,800. However, it will differ significantly depending on the size and type of system you have. Warranty on Goodman heat pump compressors As previously stated, Goodman offers one of the best HVheat pump warranties available. A limited lifetime warranty is provided by Goodman heat pump compressors.

GoodmanSq. FtInstallation Cost
2.5 ton1300 – 1600$4,895
3 ton1600 – 1900$5,375
3.5 ton1900 – 2200$5,695
4 ton2200 – 2600$6,082


With genuine cost and energy efficiency, Goodman heat pumps lower your carbon emissions and impact. Water-source heat pumps, in fact, can achieve efficiencies of up to 600 percent. When compared to standard HVAC systems that run 24 hours a day, this saves you money on electricity.


How long will a Goodman heat pump last?
The average lifespan of a Goodman heat pump is 11 to 15 years. Many variables can influence how long the system lasts.


The GSZ line of Goodman heat pumps has a mid-range noise factor, with models operating at 72 to 76 decibels. This is due to a quieter condenser fan with three blades, which provides good cooling and quieter air flow through the blades and coils.


  • The main worry with Goodman is its questionable track record of durability beyond ten years.
  • The DSZC18 (18 SEER/9.5 HSPF), Goodman’s most efficient heat pump, has lower efficiency ratings than competitors such as the Lennox XP25 (23.5 SEER/ 10.2 HSPF) and the Carrier Infinity 20 / Bryant Evolution 280A (20.5 SEER/13 HSPF).
  • While the Goodman heat pump parts warranties are excellent, most of them do not cover labor on repairs after the industry-standard 12-month period. That means if your Goodman unit breaks down too soon, you could face hefty repair costs.
  • Most other major manufacturers have released a modulating/variable-capacity heat pump with a 20+ efficiency rating and excellent climate control. Goodman is behind schedule.
  • Heat pumps from Goodman can be purchased by any HVAC provider, not just Goodman-certified ones. Make sure your installation is trained and certified by Goodman.

Are Goodman Heat Pumps Good?

If you’re in the market for a new heating and cooling system, you’re probably wondering, “Are Goodman heat pumps any good?” Luckily, they offer quality systems at reasonable prices. They also have a solid reputation for durability, so you can rest assured you won’t have to replace them anytime soon. But what’s the catch? They don’t offer the quietest units, and they only sell gas furnaces.

One complaint that many Goodman reviews have voiced is that the compressors have a tendency to fail 6-8 years after installation. This is because Goodman had a problem with defective compressors during the years 2011-2012. The manufacturer’s warranty only covers the replacement part, and not the labor or manufacturing process. If you’re not satisfied with your Goodman heat pump, you can call the company’s customer service number.

Goodman also offers a few models with high SEER ratings. The Goodman GSZ14 has a minimum SEER of 14, which is the industry standard. This means that it can save you money on your energy bills, too. It also comes with a standard 10 year parts warranty. Just make sure to get an installation done if you want the warranty to stay in place. That way, your system will be protected in the event it breaks.

In addition to using R-410A coolant, Goodman heat pumps use copper tube coils. Copper tube is known to be a good conductor of heat, so it makes sense that Goodman would make their coils out of copper. They also have aluminum fan fins that match up with the copper tube. This means that your heat pump will run more quietly. And despite their high quality, Goodman heat pumps are still relatively cheap compared to other brands.


new trane heat pump cost

The average cost of an entry-level Trane heat pump and replacement installation starts at $5,800. A heat pump’s efficiency rating, heating and cooling stages and size will affect the cost as well as where you live and the difficulty of the installation.


How much does A Trane packaged AC unit cost?

5 ton Trane XB13c packaged AC: $4.309 Trane makes 4 gas/electric models. They heat with a gas burner and cool with an air conditioner. The XL16c is one of the most efficient on the market with 16.6 SEER. These units are usually referred to as gas packs.


How much does A Trane air conditioner cost?

Rheem air conditioners cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,400. Trane air conditioners cost between $6,000 and $10,000.

  • goodman hvac unit cost

    However, Goodman still offers a reliable and quality HVAC system. You may also want to review the best AC units or get an average cost estimate for a new HVAC unit. The price of a Goodman air conditioner ranges from $3,100 to $4,275 in installation costs.

  • goodman hvac unit reviews

    Goodman AC Brand Review Goodman air conditioners are a great option for AC installation if you want a reliable but low cost air conditioning unit. Goodman is much cheaper than some competitor brands such as Lennox, Trane, or Carrier. However, Goodman still offers a reliable and quality HVAC system.

  • Are there any negative reviews on the Goodman furnace?

    Consumer Reports does not have any negative listings or reviews about Goodman on their furnace manufacturers page. The Goodman GMV95 is a decent furnace with a good warranty.

  • Is the customer service at Goodman good or bad?

    Overall Positive Customer Service: Compared to the industry, Goodman makes a significant effort to be known for better customer service. A very common review issue within the industry is the lack of customer service throughout all the manufacturers. Many people complain of insensitive responses from manufacturers.

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