fujitsu heat pump Review

COSTS: 3/5
$1000-$60000save 2.5 to 4 times the amount of energy it takes to heat your home 6 year full parts and labour warrantythe outdoor unit operates 53-72 db11 to 20 years


Who makes fujitsu heat pumps
Overview of Fujitsu Corporation Fujitsu General Group produces single-room split and window air conditioners and heat pumps, multi-system air conditioners for use in multiple rooms, and high-performance commercial air conditioning systems.

Fujitsu employs over 170,000 people worldwide and is the world’s third largest provider of IT services. For decades, it has been a pioneer in telecommunications, computers, and the HVAC business. The Halcyon brand is used for all of the heat pump series.


What is the price of a Fujitsu heat pump?
Prices for Fujitsu heat pumps. The cost of a Fujitsu Halcyon heat pump system is determined by the unit’s capacity and the number of indoor units it serves. Small single-zone devices can cost as little as $1,000, while larger systems can cost as much as $60,000. Summary.

The average cost of a Fujitsu mini-split (ductless) heat pump installation is $2,000.

9K BTU 24 SEER350-400 $1,740$3,700
12K BTU 25 SEER450-550 $2,030$3,990
15K BTU 21 SEER600-700 $2,360$4,460
18K BTU 20 SEER700-900 $2,650$4,600
24K BTU 20 SEER800-1200 $3,390$5,490


Electric baseboards / space heaters offer 2.5-4 times the efficiency (also known as COP or “Coefficient of Performance”) as heat pumps (Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG, and many other lesser-known brands). That means you’ll save 2.5 to 4 times the amount of energy it takes to heat your home!


What is the lifespan of a Fujitsu heat pump?
You should get roughly 20 years out of the unit if you undertake regular maintenance. This is far longer than the 12- to 15-year lifespan of standard HVAC systems.


Fujitsu Heat Pump / Air Conditioner Service Fujitsu General New Zealandprovides a 6 year full parts and labour warranty for all domestic heat pump /air conditioners when the unit is
installed by a Fujitsu Accreditedlnstaller.


Noise is decreased to 53 decibels, which is about the same as your refrigerator, thanks to Fujitsu’s revolutionary design. The quieter operation of a Fujitsu heat pump will be appreciated by you and your neighbors, especially when it cycles off and on.


How much does a Fujitsu heat pump cost?

The outdoor unit is the 36RSLX with a maximum efficiency of 14 SEER and 8.5 HSPF. The price of the Fujitsu Halcyon heat pump system you choose will depend on the capacity of the unit and the number of indoor units it serves. Small, single zone units can cost less than $1,000 while the largest systems cost more than $6,0000.


Which is the quietest Mitsubishi mini or Fujitsu mini?

Fujitsu’s quietest indoor unit runs at 21dB (A). Both Fujitsu & Mitsubishi mini-splits are top of the line at noise suppression. Although Mitsubishi is slightly quieter, the difference between the two is very small. Style and design are what really sets these two apart.


What s the warranty on a Fujitsu heat pump?

What’s the Warranty? Both the RLS3 and RLS3H model comes with a 10 year parts and labour warranty. This warranty is a joint offering from both Fujitsu as well as Master Group, the distributor of Fujitsu heat pumps in eastern Canada. This is a bumper to bumper warranty, covering the compressor and outdoor unit as well as the indoor unit.

  • Which is more efficient LG or Fujitsu mini?

    As a brand, Fujitsu is tops, and its most efficient unit is rated 38 SEER, the highest currently available. Mitsubishi makes a unit in the mid-30s SEER. Daikin makes one unit more efficient than this at 26 SEER. The LG model used here is currently the brand’s most efficient.

  • What kind of warranty do Fujitsu air conditioners have?

    Fujitsu believe in the quality and reliability of every air conditioner we sell. This is why we're happy to provide a 5 year parts and labour warranty across the entire domestic range. Fujitsu General Assist is our extensive in house service department which was implemented to deliver a high level of support and accessibility to our customers.

  • Which is the most efficient Fujitsu heat pump?

    Fujitsu LZ and LZH models have the highest efficiency of all the top brands with HSPF ratings as high as 14.2 and SEER ratings as high as 33.0. They come in 3 sizes- 9k, 12k and 15k and can produce efficient heat down to -26C (H Models). as a standard for the ultimate user experience.

  • fujitsu heat pump quiet mode

    Moreover, these Fujitsu ductless heat pumps produce a quiet interior environment, with noise levels as low as a human whisper. Many indoor unit styles also have a Quiet Mode facility. It also has an extra-quiet fan speed that ensures you will have a peaceful ambiance.

  • What kind of warranty does a Fujitsu HFI have?

    Fujitsu has a standard 7-year compressor and 5-year parts warranty on all Halcyon™ and Halcyon™ HFI ductless systems. If your Halcyon™ ductless system is installed and registered by a licensed contractor, your system qualifies for a 10-year compressor and parts warranty.

  • Which is the best heat pump from Fujitsu?

    The Fujitsu heat pump ASTG18KMTC is designed to be less obtrusive and integrate seamlessly with the room's interior. Fujitsu's new KMTC range are 30mm slimmer than previous Fujitsu units, and more efficient on heating and cooling. The matte finish and smooth edges create a modern aesthetic to suit Auckland homes.

  • how much does a fujitsu heat pump cost

    The price of the Fujitsu Halcyon heat pump system you choose will depend on the capacity of the unit and the number of indoor units it serves. Small, single zone units can cost less than $1,000 while the largest systems cost more than $6,0000. Summary. Fujitsu heat pumps offer an excellent alternative to central heat pump systems.

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