Costs of heat pumps: How cost-effective is modern heating technology?

When choosing a new heat pump, there are some important criteria that go into the decision. Heat pumps differ in terms of the heat source tapped. Likewise, the prices for the purchase as well as the costs for the development vary. Get an initial overview of the costs of a heat pump here at Effizienzhaus-online.


Heat pump costs: Where is a heat pump worthwhile?
Heat pumps use as a heat source, the free energy from the air, geothermal heat or water. Accordingly, it must be clarified on site whether the installation of heat pumps with geothermal heat collector, geothermal probe or with groundwater use is at all feasible. The costs for this vary greatly. In addition to the pure development costs, in some cases (e.g. with a borehole heat exchanger) there are also costs for the permits for the building project.

The first question is whether you want to build a new house or replace the heating system in an older building. All heat pumps are good heating alternatives for new construction. For example, you can forego building a chimney, since heat pumps are emission-free, but you should definitely have radiant panel heating (wall or floor heating) built into your new home, since this is how heat pump technology can work most efficiently. The operating costs of a heat pump in new construction are very low, as free environmental energy is used for heating.

There are restrictions for the use of a heat pump in the case of a heating system modernization. Here, accompanying thermal insulation measures and the installation of underfloor heating are recommended. This reduces the maximum flow temperatures required. After all, the lower the maximum flow temperature required, the more efficiently a heat pump works and the lower the costs for electricity. With a photovoltaic system on the roof, the cost of electricity can be further reduced through self-generation and consumption.

Heat pumps are quiet-running, which means that they are not conspicuous for their excessive noise pollution. Only when an air-source heat pump is installed outdoors should the transmission of sound be avoided and the noise pollution minimized through careful planning and execution.

In terms of space requirements, a heat pump installed indoors does not differ much from a floor-standing boiler. However, there is no space for storing heating oil or pellets & Co.

Operating costs for heat pumps
In operation, heat pumps convince with lowest costs. Depending on the type of construction and electricity tariff, about 400 – 1,000 euros per year are incurred for electricity. Heat pumps are powered by electricity and operate very efficiently. However, the electricity consumption of heat pumps varies depending on the tapped heat source and the conditions on site. A comparison of different providers for cheap heat pump electricity is worthwhile in any case and helps to further reduce the running costs for the heat pump.

Heat pumps also have a clear advantage over oil or gas heating systems when it comes to maintenance costs. There are no costs for the chimney sweep. Even though heat pumps are largely low-maintenance in operation, you should still have the carrier fluid circuit and the mechanical parts of your heating system checked regularly. An annual check will cost you about 50 euros a year and prevent expensive repairs at an early stage.

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