4 ton heat pump

A 4 ton heat pump is rated at 48,000 BTU per hour. Greater in capacity than the 2-ton and 3-ton heat pumps, these units also cost more and use more energy to heat or cool your space in a given period. Four-ton heat pumps are designed to keep larger spaces comfortable.
If choose a 4 ton heat pump system, You can save on your home heating and cooling with 4 ton heat pump system. For larger sized homes, a 4 ton heat pump split system can provide efficient heat and air conditioning year-round. Select your system and enjoy wholesale prices and free shipping that will save you thousands vs. a quote from your local service provider.

4 Ton Vertical Split System Heat Pump

What Size Heat Pump Do I Need?

Home Size:Heat Pump Size (In BTUs):Heat Pump Size (In Tons):
300 sq ft9,000 BTU0.75 tons
500 sq ft15,000 BTU1.25 tons
750 sq ft22,500 BTU1.88 tons
1,000 sq ft30,000 BTU2.5 tons
1,600 sq ft48,000 BTU4 tons
2,000 sq ft60,000 BTU5.0 tons
2,500 sq ft75,000 BTU6.25 tons
3,000 sq ft90,000 BTU7.5 tons

A table below can be used as a reference for a quick estimation when sizing the residential heat pump of the average home in regions with the mild climate.

  • 2 ton – 1000 sq. ft
  • 3 ton – 1500 sq. ft
  • 4 ton – 2000 sq. ft
  • 5 ton – 2500 sq. ft
  • 6 ton – 3000 sq. ft


The cost to install a geothermal heat pump 4-ton system averages about $21,000 for most homes in the US. Total range for all systems is $12,000 to $27,000, though some large, complex systems cost more. Tax credits and local rebates reduce the cost of many geothermal HVAC projects.

Average heat pump 4-ton unit costs

4-ton heat pump cost$4,000 – $7,300
4 Ton 18 SEER Heat Pump$6200
4 Ton 16 SEER Heat Pump$5200
4 Ton 14 SEER Heat Pump$4200


Calorex Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps.
LG Air to Water Heat Pumps.
Mitsubishi Air to Water Heat Pumps.
Dimplex Heat Pumps.
CTC Heat Pumps.
Nibe Heat Pumps.
Valiant Heat Pumps.
Daikin Heat Pumps.

American Standard

Sprsun https://sprsunheatpump.com/

How many watts does a 4 ton heat pump use?

Heat Pump Size:Wattage (14 SEER):Wattage (16 SEER):Wattage (18 SEER):Wattage (20 SEER):Wattage (22 SEER):
3 ton (36,000 BTU)3,061 W2,813 W2,632 W2,500 W2,406 W
4 ton (48,000 BTU)4,082 W3,750 W3,509 W3,333 W3,209 W
5 ton (60,000 BTU)5,102 W4,688 W4,386 W4,167 W4,011 W

How many amps does a 4 ton heat pump draw?
Usually, max of 45 amps and a minimum of 26.4 amps.

How many btus is a 4 ton heat pump?
48,000 btus.

What size generator to run a 4 ton heat pump?
16.8 kw.

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