1.5 Ton Heat Pump Cost

Unit&Installation Costs: 2750$
Running(a month) Costs: 75$
Service(a year) Costs: 160$
Replacement Costs: 2000$

A 1.5 ton heat pump unit covers 900 square feet of living space.

Unit&Installation Costs

The average cost to install a 1.5 ton heat pump is $2,750, typically ranging from $2,000 and $3,500 depending on the type you need

Running Costs

According to Home Advisor, the annual cost of running a heat pump, for both your heating and cooling needs, will run you about $850. This is the estimated cost for a very efficient model, so if yours isn't as efficient, expect this number to increase.

Service Costs

A general service call will cost between $50 and $180, with an additional hourly rate ranging between $80 and $160 for further labor. Preventative maintenance service should be conducted at least once a year, with an average cost of $80 to $130 per unit, and an additional $25 for parts.

Replacement Cost

The lower end of the heat pump installation cost would be a 14 SEER, 1.5 ton heat pump. This replacement cost is typically between $2,000-$2,800 installed.

Is it Worth?

Any heating and cooling professional will tell you that when it comes to heat creation vs. heat transfer, heat transfer wins hands down – particularly during the spring and fall. And THIS is why a heat pump can still be worth it, even if you live in an area that sees harsh, cold winters.

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